The phases of mechanical design with realization of drawings (2D and 3D); control of processing with the aid of CAD-CAM systems; tests, checks and inspections are carried out by a team of highly specialized engineers and technicians who guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Technical office

Our technical department has three solid work design software stations and an Alphacam 2015 cam software station.

The process of creating and designing new tools and equipment starts from our engineers, creating on design and respecting the conformity of customer specifications.

progettazione meccanica
progettazione meccanica
Gancio motore
progettazione meccanica
progettazione meccanica
Gancio motore progetto

Metrology room

The metrology room of Meccanica Oriente Srl has the best equipment and tools for measuring, testing and controlling high-precision measurements.

Our staff carries out a meticulous ex ante and ex post processing check, to guarantee the conformity of the finished product.